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cant hurt me Audiobook Review

Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook Review

David Goggins has experienced it all – from an abusive childhood through numerous Hell Weeks and military exercises, and ultimately breaking the Guinness World Record for most pushups completed within 24 hours – but has still managed to master mental toughness and become a Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner.

In this audiobook he offers instruction on how to become mentally tough while sharing his personal journey of becoming a superhuman. The narration is excellent while his commentary between chapters adds even further insights.

What is the book about?

Can’t Hurt Me is David Goggins’ story of his transformation from an abusive childhood into one of the toughest individuals on Earth. Through this book he shares his tale and provides readers with strategies for controlling their minds and reaching their goals.

Goggins’ life has been marked by numerous obstacles from childhood abuse, Navy SEAL training and ultramarathon running – but he always found a way to overcome these challenges and become his best self. In this audiobook he shares his life story as well as offering advice about being tough and meeting your goals.

Narrator Michael J. Fox does an exceptional job bringing this book to life, making it an absolute must for those wanting to learn how to be tough and accomplish their goals. Filled with motivational messages that will push listeners even harder.

Adam Skolnick does an incredible job of transporting listeners directly into Goggins’ world with this audiobook narrated by him and providing insights into his life while offering valuable commentary at the end of each chapter.

What is the author’s story?

This book’s author is a retired Navy SEAL who has achieved incredible physical feats, as well as being an influential motivational speaker and public figure who inspires audiences to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. This book brings his life story and strategies that can help readers overcome hurdles and achieve their goals.

Even after being physically and emotionally abused as a child, the protagonist in this book manages to rise above her circumstances and live an extraordinary life. Through her experiences, the author shows how kindness and compassion can have an effect on our world around us.

One of the unique aspects of this audiobook is the author’s commentary after each chapter – almost like a podcast! It adds an extra dimension to reading experience, making this audiobook perfect for students as it helps them comprehend different elements of a narrative.

Some of the author’s remarks may seem harsh, but they still serve an invaluable purpose – for instance when talking about taking on an ultramarathon without proper training first and leading to injuries and health complications.

What is the author’s message?

Identifying an author’s message requires careful reading and analysis of their text; look out for themes, symbols or motifs repeated throughout and pay attention to their tone and overall mood to gain a fuller understanding.

David Goggins chronicles his journey from being physically and emotionally abused as a child, through becoming a Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner, in Can’t Hurt Me. Using his experiences to inspire readers how they too can overcome challenges and become superhuman; while emphasizing hard work and dedication training as well as developing an ironclad mentality.

Though I found the book inspirational and motivational, there were a few aspects that bothered me. First was its author’s unhealthy obsession with physical pain – often taking on challenging races or workouts without adequate planning or preparation – which can result in injuries or health issues; admittedly the author acknowledges this risk in his commentary, yet some readers might see him as an inspiring hero without fully grasping all its risks.

What is the author’s conclusion?

Conclusions provide a way for authors to summarize what has been discovered and drawn as conclusions during an essay or article, while at the same time reinforcing its main points and encouraging readers to take further steps after having read it.

The conclusion may begin with an eye-catching hook that helps orient the reader and signifies they have reached the final chapter of a book. It could also close any loops from earlier in the text or tie up loose ends; or introduce new story elements that drive home key concepts and remind readers what they have learned.

Goggins uses his incredible life story and strategies for readers to master their minds and defy odds of success to craft an inspiring, motivational autobiographical self-help book which will empower and help readers become the best version of themselves.

David’s story of overcoming childhood abuse, military training, and becoming an ultra-marathoner and superhuman athlete is inspiring and essential reading for anyone wanting to understand how to be mentally tough and push themselves further than they ever thought possible. ACX Audiobook Productions created an audiobook edition featuring interviews with David after each chapter which provides a nice added bonus.

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