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Welcome to our ultimate audiobook playlist of 2018! As avid listeners and professional copywriting journalists, we’ve scoured through countless hours of audio to bring you the best and most memorable audiobooks released during the year. From gripping adventures to captivating non-fiction, 2018 brought us a plethora of standout audiobooks that we can’t wait to share with you.

We know that finding the perfect audiobook can be a daunting task, which is why we curated this list of top audio picks 2018 that are sure to please even the most discerning listeners. Our audiobook selections have been chosen for their exceptional storytelling, memorable performances, and thought-provoking themes. Join us on this audio journey through the year’s audio gems, and discover the memorable 2018 audiobook stories that will stay with you long after the final chapter.

The Power of Narration: Bringing Stories to Life

At the heart of every great audiobook is a talented narrator who can transport listeners to another world with their words. In 2018, we were blessed with some truly outstanding narrators who brought stories to life in a way that only audio can achieve. Here are our top audio picks of 2018, the year’s audio gems that stood out for their exceptional narration:

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, narrated by Bahni Turpin

Why we loved it: Bahni Turpin’s narration captures the raw emotions and social commentary of Angie Thomas’s poignant story about police brutality and activism in the black community.
Favorite quote: “Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.”

Circe by Madeline Miller, narrated by Perdita Weeks

Why we loved it: Perdita Weeks’s enchanting narration brings to life the mythological world of Madeline Miller’s Circe, a retelling of the story of the witch-goddess from the Odyssey.
Favorite quote: “But in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth. Such a constellation was he to me.”

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, narrated by Bahni Turpin

Why we loved it: Bahni Turpin’s powerhouse narration adds depth and intensity to Tomi Adeyemi’s epic fantasy about a world where magic has been suppressed and a young woman’s quest to restore it.
Favorite quote: “We are all children of blood and bone. All instruments of vengeance and virtue.”

These audiobooks are just a taste of the audio best 2018 had to offer. The narrators behind these year’s audio gems truly brought their A-game, immersing us in unforgettable stories that will stay with us for years to come.

Thrilling Adventures: Action-Packed Audiobooks

If you’re a fan of heart-pounding action and suspenseful twists, then the best audiobooks of 2018 certainly did not disappoint. We’ve curated a list of standout audiobooks that took us on thrilling adventures and kept us on the edge of our seats:

  1. “The Outsider” by Stephen King: This supernatural crime thriller had us hooked from start to finish. The story follows Detective Ralph Anderson’s investigation of the brutal murder of an eleven-year-old boy, and the eerie clues that point towards a supernatural culprit.
  2. “Juror #3” by James Patterson and Nancy Allen: This legal thriller kept us guessing until the very end. When a college athlete is accused of murdering her father, rookie lawyer Ruby Bozarth finds herself defending the case with the help of a seasoned attorney.
  3. “The Woman in the Window” by A.J. Finn: This psychological thriller had us questioning what was real and what was imagined. Agoraphobic Anna Fox spends her days locked away in her New York City brownstone, watching the world go by outside her window. When she witnesses a violent crime in the house across the street, no one believes her due to her history of mental illness.

All of these standout audiobooks brought us on thrilling adventures with twists and turns that we never saw coming. They truly deserved their spot as some of the best audiobooks of 2018.

Unforgettable Characters: Memorable Audiobook Performances

In 2018, we were treated to some truly exceptional audiobook performances that brought unforgettable characters to life. From beloved classics to contemporary bestsellers, these narrators breathed new life into familiar stories and made them even more memorable.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

In “The Great Alone,” narrator Julia Whelan masterfully portrays the coming-of-age story of a young girl navigating life in the Alaskan wilderness. Whelan captures the protagonist’s resilience and vulnerability, immersing listeners in the emotional journey of this unforgettable character.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Cathleen McCarron’s narration of “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” perfectly captures the idiosyncrasies and quirks of the titular character. McCarron’s performance highlights both the humor and the heartbreak of this story, making it a standout audiobook of 2018.

Audiobook Narrator Memorable Character
The Great Alone Julia Whelan Youthful protagonist navigating life in the Alaskan wilderness
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine Cathleen McCarron The titular character with quirky idiosyncrasies
Born a Crime Trevor Noah Trevor Noah’s mother

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah’s narration of his own memoir “Born a Crime” is a standout performance that brings his mother to life with humor, warmth, and admiration. Noah’s audiobook is a stunning tribute to his mother and a testament to the power of storytelling through narration.

The unforgettable characters brought to life by these talented narrators are just a few of the many memorable performances that graced our ears in 2018. These audiobooks are true audio gems that will continue to be treasured for years to come.

Genre Gems: Best Audiobooks in Every Category

At our website, we believe that there’s an audiobook for every mood and occasion. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best audiobooks of 2018 across various genres, so you can find your next great listen no matter what you’re in the mood for. From heartwarming romances to spine-tingling thrillers, these audiobooks truly are the year’s audio gems.

Best Mystery Audiobook: The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

If you’re a fan of twisty, suspenseful thrillers, you won’t want to miss The Wife Between Us. This audiobook, narrated by Julia Whelan, tells the story of a woman who is trying to escape from her abusive ex-husband and the new wife he’s about to marry. But as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that things aren’t quite what they seem. With stunning plot twists and a mesmerizing performance by Whelan, The Wife Between Us is one of the standout audiobooks of 2018.

Best Romance Audiobook: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

If you’re looking for a feel-good romance with a unique twist, The Kiss Quotient is the perfect choice. Narrated by Carly Robins, this audiobook tells the story of a brilliant mathematician who hires an escort to teach her about love and intimacy. But as they spend more time together, they begin to fall for each other in unexpected ways. With a diverse cast of characters and a beautiful love story, The Kiss Quotient is one of the best audiobooks of 2018.

Best Fantasy Audiobook: Circe by Madeline Miller

Circe is a spellbinding retelling of the Greek myth of the same name, expertly narrated by Perdita Weeks. This audiobook follows the story of Circe, a goddess who is banished to a deserted island after angering Zeus. But as she hones her magical powers, she begins to realize that she has the power to shape her own destiny. With breathtaking prose and a captivating performance by Weeks, Circe is one of the genre gems of 2018.

Best Non-Fiction Audiobook: Educated by Tara Westover

For fans of memoirs and true stories, Educated is a must-listen. This audiobook, narrated by Julia Whelan, tells the story of Tara Westover, who grew up in a strict, survivalist family in rural Idaho. Despite never attending school, she taught herself enough to gain admission to Brigham Young University, and eventually earned a PhD from Cambridge University. But as she strives to build a new life for herself, she finds herself torn between her family and the outside world. With a powerful narrative and an unforgettable performance by Whelan, Educated is one of the standout non-fiction audiobooks of 2018.

Best Science Fiction Audiobook: The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal

The Calculating Stars is a thrilling sci-fi novel that imagines an alternate history in which a catastrophic meteor strike threatens to end life on Earth. Narrated by the author, Mary Robinette Kowal, this audiobook follows the story of a group of female astronauts who are determined to explore the universe and save humanity. With its unique blend of science fiction and historical fiction, The Calculating Stars is one of the best audiobooks of 2018.

Whether you’re a fan of mystery, romance, fantasy, non-fiction, or science fiction, we hope this list has helped you discover your next favorite audiobook. Stay tuned for more genre-specific recommendations from our website!

Hidden Gems: Underrated Audiobooks of 2018

While some audiobooks received all the attention they deserved, there were some hidden gems that didn’t get the recognition they earned in 2018. In this section, we introduce some of the underrated audiobooks that we believe were the audio best of the year, but didn’t make it to everyone’s playlist.

My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh, narrated by Julia Whelan

In “My Year of Rest and Relaxation,” Ottessa Moshfegh takes us on a journey of a young woman’s attempt to sleep through a year of her life. This darkly comedic novel was brilliantly narrated by Julia Whelan, whose performance captured the protagonist’s emotions and thoughts, making us feel like we were in her shoes.

A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne, narrated by Richard E. Grant

In “A Ladder to the Sky,” John Boyne tells the story of a ruthless writer, Maurice Swift, who will stop at nothing to achieve literary success. Richard E. Grant’s captivating narration brought the different characters to life, creating a listening experience that was both thrilling and addictive.

Underrated Audiobooks of 2018

The Witch Elm by Tana French, narrated by Paul Nugent

“The Witch Elm” by Tana French is a gripping mystery that follows a man’s investigation of a brutal attack on his own family. Paul Nugent’s narration was outstanding, capturing the story’s tense atmosphere and bringing the characters to life.

American Like Me by America Ferrera, narrated by the author and others

Actress America Ferrera delivered a heartfelt and inspiring collection of essays in “American Like Me.” She shares her own experience as a first-generation American and invites other influential voices to share their stories. With a star-studded cast of narrators, including Lin-Manuel Miranda and Wilmer Valderrama, this audiobook is a must-listen for anyone interested in diverse perspectives.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang, narrated by Carly Robins

“The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang is a refreshing and honest romance novel that follows the unlikely relationship between a woman with Asperger’s and an escort. Carly Robins’s narration was spot-on, perfectly capturing the characters’ emotions and bringing an added layer of depth to the story.

Don’t miss out on these year’s audio gems! Add them to your playlist and experience the captivating storytelling and exceptional performances that made them stand out as the 2018’s standout audiobooks!

Immersive Non-Fiction: Exploring True Stories

Non-fiction audiobooks can be just as compelling as their fictional counterparts, taking us on a journey through real-life experiences and offering new insights into the world around us. In 2018, we had the pleasure of listening to some truly immersive non-fiction audiobooks.

One standout example is Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah. This memoir, narrated by the author himself, offers a unique perspective on growing up in South Africa during apartheid. Noah’s humor and candor make for a captivating listen, and his stories of survival and perseverance will stay with you long after the audiobook ends.

If you’re interested in the intersection of science and society, you won’t want to miss The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. This audiobook tells the true story of Henrietta Lacks, whose cancer cells were taken without her knowledge and used for scientific research. Skloot weaves together the complex ethical and scientific implications of this story in a way that is both informative and engaging.

Another notable non-fiction audiobook from 2018 is Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou. This book is a thrilling account of the rise and fall of the biotech company Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. Carreyrou’s investigative journalism and attention to detail make for a gripping listen, and the audiobook is further enhanced by the skilled narration of Will Damron.

These audiobooks are just a few examples of the many incredible non-fiction titles that made 2018 such a standout year for audiobooks. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or simply enjoy a good story, the best non-fiction audiobooks of 2018 offer a truly immersive listening experience.

Must-Listen Classics: Timeless Audiobook Tales

If you’re a fan of classic literature, you won’t want to miss the top audio picks of 2018 in this genre. These audiobooks are the perfect way to experience timeless tales in a new and captivating way.

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece comes to life in this stunning audio adaptation, narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal’s smooth and elegant voice captures the decadent atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, making this audiobook a true standout of 2018.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Another classic of American literature, To Kill a Mockingbird is brought to life in this unforgettable audio production narrated by Sissy Spacek. Spacek’s gentle Southern accent perfectly captures the nuances of Harper Lee’s beloved characters and themes, making this audio adaptation a must-listen for fans of the book and newcomers alike.

The Catcher in the Rye

This iconic coming-of-age story is masterfully narrated by actor and comedian John C. Reilly, whose unique voice perfectly captures the angst and rebellion of Holden Caulfield. Reilly’s performance brings new life to J.D. Salinger’s classic novel, making it one of the top audio picks of 2018.

These audio adaptations of classic literature are truly the best of the best, and we highly recommend giving them a listen. Experience these timeless tales in a whole new way with the top audio picks of 2018.

Captivating Narratives: Award-Winning Audiobooks of 2018

As we near the end of our ultimate audiobook playlist of 2018, we cannot forget to mention the award-winning audiobooks that left a lasting impact on us and the industry as a whole. These standout titles were recognized for their captivating narratives, exceptional performances, and overall production value.

The Top Audio Picks of 2018

Among the best audiobooks of 2018, several titles stood out for their award-winning status:

Award Book Title Author Narrator
Audiobook of the Year The Only Story Julian Barnes Guy Mott
Best Female Narrator The Silence of the Girls Pat Barker Kristin Atherton
Best Male Narrator The Tattooist of Auschwitz Heather Morris Richard Armitage
Best Original Work The Sandman Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman, Riz Ahmed, Kat Dennings, Taron Egerton, and others

These award-winning audiobooks offer a diverse array of stories that are sure to captivate and move listeners. Whether it’s delving into the complexities of love and desire in “The Only Story,” experiencing the horrors of war in “The Silence of the Girls,” witnessing a powerful tale of survival and hope in “The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” or exploring the dark and fantastical world of “The Sandman,” these audiobooks showcase the power of storytelling and the impact of exceptional narration.

Exploring the Year’s Audio Gems

In addition to the award-winners, there were many other audiobooks in 2018 that left a lasting impression on us as listeners. From gripping thrillers to heartfelt memoirs, these titles deserve recognition as some of the year’s audio gems:

  • “Educated” by Tara Westover, narrated by Julia Whelan
  • “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin, narrated by Maggie Hoffman
  • “The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah, narrated by Julia Whelan
  • “The Outsider” by Stephen King, narrated by Will Patton
  • “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, narrated by Michelle Obama

These standout audiobooks of 2018 offer engaging and thought-provoking narratives that are sure to resonate with listeners. With exceptional performances by talented narrators, these titles showcase the power of audiobooks to transport and inspire.

Closing the Year: Unforgettable Audiobook Experiences

As we wrap up our journey through the ultimate audiobook playlist of 2018, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible stories that made this year so memorable. From heartwarming tales to gripping adventures, each audiobook offered a unique and captivating experience that stayed with us long after the narration ended.

One of our favorites was “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, which gave us an intimate glimpse into the life of the former First Lady. Her powerful storytelling, coupled with her own narration, made for a truly unforgettable experience.

Another standout was “The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin, a thought-provoking novel that explores the idea of fate and destiny. The narrator’s skillful performance added an extra layer of depth to the already captivating story, drawing us in from the very beginning.

But perhaps the most memorable experience of all was “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah, which takes listeners on a journey through the comedian’s remarkable life growing up in South Africa. His storytelling is both hilarious and poignant, and the narration adds an extra layer of authenticity to the already compelling story.

Each of these audiobooks, and many more, offered a unique and unforgettable experience that truly showcased the power of audiobooks to transport and inspire. As we look back on the year 2018, we are grateful for the memories and experiences that these audiobooks have given us.

So cheers to the best audiobooks of 2018, the standout stories that will stay with us for years to come. We hope that our ultimate audiobook playlist has inspired you to dive into the incredible world of audiobooks and discover your own favorites. Happy listening!


As we conclude our journey through the ultimate audiobook playlist of 2018, we cannot help feeling grateful for the incredible stories we have heard this year. From thrilling adventures to captivating non-fiction, these audiobooks have left a lasting impact on our minds and hearts.

The Power of Audiobooks

The power of audiobooks lies in their ability to transport us to different worlds and perspectives. They allow us to experience stories in a way that printed words alone cannot achieve. The narrators’ voices become the characters we love, and their inflections and emotions bring the stories to life.

Our Favorites

It is impossible to choose just one favorite among the standout audiobooks of 2018. Each one has its unique charm and appeal, and we have created this playlist to showcase the best of the best. However, some of our personal favorites include the heartwarming Becoming by Michelle Obama, the gripping The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, and the thought-provoking Educated by Tara Westover.

Join the Adventure

We invite you to join us on this audio journey and discover your own favorites in the ultimate audiobook playlist of 2018. Whether you’re a seasoned audiobook listener or new to the experience, we guarantee that these stories will leave you wanting more. So, plug in your headphones, and let the adventure begin!

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